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Propionate is the ester attached to testosterone to make it last longer in the body. It is a highly androgenic drug that has a strong anabolic effect. Users report that it gives them strong gains in strength without excessive weight gains from water retention. Propionate also has some advantages over other steroid compounds because it does not aromatize, or turn into estrogen, in the body. This makes for some dramatic results for users – high quality muscle gains without that bloated look and solid muscle instead of fatty bulges. It’s no wonder why testosterone propionate is a favorite among body builders.
Because testosterone propionate lasts only a short while in the body, users must take frequent injections. Because this drug is rarely used outside of the competition bodybuilder scene where the users are more experienced with steroids, these doses are on the rather high side. Athletes using testosterone propionate usually inject between 30 and 60 mgs every other day. Testosterone propionate is also usually stacked with 50 mgs of Winstrol Depot to achieve maximum results.
Testosterone Propionate can cause toxicity to the kidneys after prolonged use, requiring users to drink lots of water to keep the kidneys flushed. Also, acne is a major problem with propionate users. Although testosterone propionate does not aromatize in the body, making gynocomastia not a worry, testosterone propionate does increase aggression quite severely and mood swings can be a major problem.
Unfortunately, testosterone propionate is no longer available on the black market. Over use by the meat industry that pumped chickens and beef with the drug forced a ban on testosterone propionate and the drug has not been in production since 1987. Anyone selling testosterone propionate is dealing fakes and you should be cautious of this person.
Testosterone propionate is a drug that is still used in research because of its unique property of not aromatizing. Scientists use propionate to inject in animals and study the relations of various brain and reproductive functions in hopes to find cures to diseases and better understand the way hormones affect various body functions.


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